Web development is a very large area of the technology sector. When most people talk about it, they mostly mean websites. This is true – web development is behind every single website on the Internet. There are currently over a billion websites in total, with several hundred million of them being active.

Chart: number of websites

But web development is not all only about the websites. It is used in a variety of other cases. Some of these are:

  • Emails. Beautiful HTML emails are vital for marketing. They also help user engagement in virtually every web application and service.
  • Landing pages. Similar to HTML emails, landing pages are used by many marketing departments.
  • Mobile applications. Many cross-platform and hybrid mobile applications are built with web technologies.

When we talk about web development, we mean something else.

What we do

We focus on the web applications, web services, and integrations.

Business software

In this day and age, every business depends on a variety of systems. These come in many shapes and forms: intranets, portals, project management tools, billing and accounting software, knowledge bases, collaboration and communication tools, customer relationship systems, and so on.

Our expertise lies in the understanding the needs of the business, procedural and technical limitations and challenges, integrations of multiple systems, data migration and transformation, optimization and automation of processes, and streamlining the technology.

We can recommend existing, or build new applications to help your business needs. We can adjust and optimize your current technology stack. And we can integrate anew or improve existing integrations between different technology components in your company, to make sure that both data and processes flow smoothly.

Additionally, for those companies that run their own development teams, we can assist with the setup or streamlining of the development processes. We have a lot of expertise in setting up version control, automated testing, continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD), and automated deployments.

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