What Type of Managed Services Are Best for Your Business?
If you are looking to lessen costs and increase productivity in your IT department, you may be considering outsourcing to a managed IT service provider. There are many benefits to using a managed service provider, but you have to choose the right type for your business. Here are the five main types of MSPs so you can pick the one that best suits your needs.
1.    Remote Managed Services
Remote managed service providers are a good option for companies focused on the day-to-day basis. The MSP manages all or part of your hardware, software, infrastructure, networking, and communications remotely. They monitor, maintain, and support your business from their location, and offer support, proactive maintenance, and operating system administration.
2. Cloud Services
Using a cloud environment has many advantages, including increased security, lowered costs, and higher productivity. Most organizations have a hybrid cloud infrastructure, where they use both public and private networks. With a managed cloud service provider, they can continue to receive the benefits of using cloud computing without the high costs of managing and maintaining it themselves.
3.    Infrastructure Housing
Infrastructure housing is technically part of ‘cloud services.’ You can choose a turnkey IT solution or you can use your existing infrastructure in the provider’s data center. MSPs that offer infrastructure housing also provide support, applications hosting, and disaster recovery.
4.    Application Managed Services
Application managed services are usually provided as an addition to remote managed services or infrastructure housing. The MSP will manage specific line-of-business applications through your application layer. Essentially, application management is one aspect of an entire managed service package.
5.    Fully Managed Services
As the name suggests, the fully managed service model outsources all IT functions to your MSP. They will manage and maintain infrastructure, applications, hardware, and software for you. However, when entrusting your entire IT system to a third party, you have to ensure that they will provide the best service possible.
Your MSP should be a partner to your business. They should work to help you achieve your goals, and their services need to reflect that.
Final Thoughts
There are many benefits to using a managed service provider, but to receive those benefits, you have to choose the right type for your business. Examine your organization’s specific needs and resources to determine which type of MSP will best suit you.
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