Is a DevOps Career Right for You? 5 Things to Consider

Is a DevOps Career Right for You? 5 Things to Consider

The evolution of the IT industry means that new careers are created all the time. With the increasing popularity of the DevOps movement, many of these careers are related to the innovative environment. Before committing to a job in DevOps, you should figure out if it will be the right fit for you. Here are 5 things to consider before choosing a DevOps career.

1.    High Demand

While DevOps has become more common, there is still a gap between the demand and availability of DevOps talent. There is a great demand for IT professionals familiar with DevOps. With high levels of interest comes higher salaries. Dice’s 2019 Tech Salary Report found that DevOps engineers ranked in the top five of the highest tech salaries, averaging about $111,000.

2.    Steady Growth

As DevOps becomes more common-place, one thing we can be sure of is that the movement is here to stay. Those in the DevOps field will see steady growth as the industry evolves and changes.

3.    Challenge

DevOps can be a challenging field. Professionals must be able to take full ownership of their roles and responsibilities while innovating technical solutions. Additionally, as a still-developing industry, it can be more difficult to find sound, industry-recognized training.

4.    Skills

DevOps engineers must have a range of skills that embody the DevOps mindset. They must be familiar with the tools and technologies of DevOps software. Engineers have to be comfortable with higher testing and deployment frequencies and must have experience with the production environment. These are only a few of the skills DevOps professionals need to have for success in the field. Organizations require their IT professionals to have a high level of knowledge, skill, and experience in DevOps.

5.    Education

There are three main categories of skills that every DevOps Engineer must master: operating systems, programming languages, public clouds. These skills are not going to be something that you can learn really quickly and then stop learning. These are going to be skills that you must keep up to date to stay relevant in this field. You will also need a thorough understanding of DevOps software fundamentals and tools. There are options for online DevOps certification courses, but you should thoroughly research any course provider before committing your time and energy.

Final Thoughts

DevOps is a continually evolving field with a high demand for experienced and knowledgeable professionals. Figuring out if DevOps is the right industry for you is essential. Consider the benefits and demands of the field before committing to a career in DevOps.

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