DevOps consulting helps you optimize your development and work towards continuous delivery. We provide cloud architecture expertise and DevOps strategy to bring your technology to market faster.
What do we do?
We are a team of engineers and IT professionals and we focus on what matters most – your business!
We offer several DevOps services ranging from:
Assessment and Planning
Optimization and Automation of processes
Multiple System Integration
Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) Pipeline
Data Migration and Transformation
Security Integration
Infrastructure Optimization for better performance and cost savings
Cloud Network Infrastructure
We can recommend existing, or build new applications to help your business needs. We can adjust and optimize your current technology stack. And we can integrate a new or improve existing integrations between different technology components in your company, to make sure that both data and processes flow smoothly.
Additionally, for those companies that run their own development teams, we can offer managed services to assist with the setup or streamlining of the development processes. We are proficient with setting up version control, automated testing, continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD), and automated deployments.
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If you are not ready to roll out your cloud infrastructure yet, we can host your resources on our own private cloud in Amazon AWS.
We can review your existing on-premise or cloud infrastructure, highlight the problematic areas, and suggest improvements.
We are here to help you define your cloud migration strategy, phases and milestones.
Design and architecture
We can help you select the best resources and services for your cloud infrastructure, and ensure optimal performance, security and cost.
Cost optimization
We can assist you with cost optimization of your cloud infrastructure. We can ensure that you only pay for what you use and use only what you need.
We can help you monitor your infrastructure, roll out software and hardware updates, verify backup and recovery procedures, and more.
We can provide you with multi-tiered support line for fast resolution of problems and questions.
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