AlleoTech’s new website and office

AlleoTech’s new website and office

AlleoTech continues to grow and expand. In order to accommodate and facilitate this growth and expansion, we have moved into the new office, and upgraded the look and feel of our website.

Firstly, the website. Much like every other startup, we are super busy with a million things: singing up new clients, building their projects, hiring people, and so on. This leaves little time to look at things like our own website and our social presence.

The first iteration of our website was a quick and simple static site. It was built with Hugo and used one of the default themes. That only survived for a couple of month. The second iteration included a migration to WordPress, and some richer theme. With a few tweaks here and there it lasted more than half a year.

Finally, we found some time to get us a completely custom design, and an upgraded look and feel. Our team now includes people with digital marketing background, who will be pushing the site further. Expect to see more blog posts, reorganized and improved pages, and a streamlined navigation. And if you notice any issues, please do let us know.

Secondly, the office. Just before the COVID-19 pandemic and a variety of government lock-downs, we’ve moved into our new premises. It is a specious, two-floor office, located in Germasogia area of Limassol. We’ve done some renovation work, installed air conditioning, brought in new furniture, equipment, and, of course, white boards. Lots of white boards.

During the government lock-down, we provided our team with an option to work either from the office or from home. Safety is always the first concern, so we followed all the regulations, and more. As an IT infrastructure company, we couldn’t shut down all the activity. As everybody moved to the remote work online, we were in high demand for all those who needed assistance.

Now that the lock-down is relaxed, we are still keeping things safe. Our office renovation work is done, and even the conference room is now complete and ready. The last bit missing is a large and welcoming sign on the building, which is coming soon.


We will walk you through what we do and the services we offer and answer any questions you have.