AlleoTech raises €300K for its new blockchain division AlleoChain

AlleoTech raises €300K for its new blockchain division AlleoChain

Today we are excited to announce that AlleoTech Ltd has raised €300,000 from a private investor. The investment will be used to fund AlleoTech’s global expansion and its new blockchain technology platform AlleoChain.

Our CEO, Leonid Mamchenkov said:

AlleoTech has quickly developed a leadership position in the fast-growing market for IT digital transformation and consulting services. As we continue to scale our business globally, we’re excited to have an investor on board that provides us not only capital, but also vast strategic experience in our market.

Blockchain is a powerful new technology that has already transformed many industries. The financial sector received the most media coverage with the explosion of cryptocurrencies and tokens. However other sectors, such as healthcare, insurance, real estate, retail, governments, travel, transportation, logistics, and many others, are not far behind.

AlleoTech Ltd is in an excellent strategic position, which combines the technical expertise, multi-industry clientele, and the global market. AlleoChain platform will increase the value of AlleoTech offering, as well compliment many of our current services and solutions.


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