AlleoTech Ltd starts on the path to Amazon AWS partnership

AlleoTech Ltd starts on the path to Amazon AWS partnership

Cloud computing in general, and Amazon AWS in particular are strategically important to AlleoTech Ltd. That is why we have started on the path of becoming an Amazon AWS partner.

Unlike many other similar programs, Amazon AWS partnership is not a mere registration form submission. It takes a lot more than that. Among the requirements there is a minimal threshold of AWS certified professionals employed by the company (both in technology and business), existing clientele with recurring monthly revenue, and publicly referenced clients. So this process will take us some time, but we believe that becoming an Amazon AWS partner is crucial to our success.

So far, our experience with Amazon AWS have been excellent. The range of services and resources is wider than from any other cloud provider. The pricing is very reasonable. The uptime is great. The support is exceptional. And now that we’ve started with the Amazon AWS partnership process, we see that Amazon AWS excellence extends to this area as well.

It turns out, there is another universe of knowledge and resources both in the AWS Partner Network, and in the AWS Training and Certification portal. We have already enrolled in a number of courses and exam preparations and are expecting the first certification passes as early as next week.

Wish us luck and stay tuned for updates on our progress.


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