Happy SysAdmin Day!

Happy SysAdmin Day!

Today is the last Friday of July, which can mean only one thing – it is a System Administrator Appreciation Day, or a SysAdmin Day, for short. SysAdmin Day is an officially recognized (at least in some parts of the world) holiday for a range of IT professionals. Here are just a few, that should celebrate today and receive praise for their hard, but often invisible work:

  • System administrators – people who setup and manage all IT infrastructure from phones, laptops and printers to networks and servers.
  • DevOps engineers – people who bridge the gap between software developers and infrastructure, so that your favorite applications and services can be installed, updated, tested, and fixed as programmers are making them better.
  • Network administrators – people who setup and manages, including cables, WiFi, firewalls, routers, switches, and so on. We wouldn’t have the Internet without you.
  • Database administrators – people who setup, manage, and optimize the databases, that store most of all that sweet data we can’t leave a day without.
  • Security administrators – people who keep us safe from viruses, SPAM, hacker attacks, identity theft, and other dark and ugly bits of human kind.
  • IT support engineers – probably the toughest of them all, as they deal with humans more than with technology. They’ve heard every variation of “I don’t know what happened”, “I didn’t do anything”, and “It just stopped working”, and they are still there, answering the phone and coming over to end users to solve the issue.

Say thank them and wish them a happy SysAdmin Day. It’ll only take a moment of your time, but it will make a difference – we promise!

And if you are one of those unsung heroes who celebrate today, all of us here at AlleoTech Ltd wish you a great day! We hope there won’t be any urgent deploys or issues tonight, and you’ll get a chance to pop into your favorite pub and a half a pint in peace and quite. Thank you!


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