Why Cloud Security Is A Priority During COVID-19

Why Cloud Security Is A Priority During COVID-19

While the world was already starting to utilize cloud computing, COVID-19 has pushed cloud networks to the forefront of IT. Organizations in every industry have taken advantage of cloud systems to support remote workforces.

However, due to the sudden shift to cloud computing, many systems were unprepared for the increased security burden. Companies must maintain high levels of security during this time, as the change has caused more vulnerabilities in systems than before.

Why Cloud Security Is Important In COVID-19

With so much of the nation’s workforce still remote, cloud security is more important than ever. Employees can stay productive, but cloud systems are vulnerable to malicious and accidental breaches.

Because of their accessibility, cloud networks are the most common way for companies to support a remote workforce. Employees can reach the system from any device, anywhere, and at any time. They can continue working with colleagues and clients and supporting the business.

Additionally, as remote work is expected to become the new norm for a range of industries, cloud security must be a high priority. Businesses must be able to protect their networks while maintaining their employees’ access to the system.

A secure cloud network is one of the primary ways organizations can support employees working from home.

Tips For Ensuring Your System Is Safe

Here are some tips for keeping your cloud network safe while supporting a remote workforce:

  1. Your priority should be a bigger investment in cloud security.
  2. Find a balance between supporting employees’ highest levels of productivity and increased security.
  3. Strengthen your cloud’s identity access management. IAM is the first perimeter of cloud security that ensures only authorized users can access the system.
  4. Define which devices can access the network.
  5. Have your employees establish virtual private networks.
  6. Require two-factor authentication for system endpoints.
  7. Use end-to-end encryption tools.
  8. Increase your monitoring and managing of the network.
  9. Continue to train your employees in safe and productive network use.
  10. Ensure that everyone accessing the system has adequate antivirus protection.

Final Thoughts

With more and more businesses relying on cloud systems to support a remote network, companies must ensure that their system’s security is at its highest level. We can expect the trend of remote work to be around for a while, which means investing in cloud security should be a high priority.

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