Solutions Review shares their excellent list of the 13 best cloud computing podcasts. The list includes the following:

  1. Amazon’s official AWS Podcast
  2. Cloud Engineering
  3. The Cloud Pod
  4. Cisco’s Cloud Unfiltered
  5. The Cloudcast
  6. CloudSkills.fm
  7. Day Two Cloud
  8. Changelog’s Go Time
  9. Google Cloud Platform Podcast
  10. Microsoft Cloud Show
  11. Deloitte’s On Cloud
  12. Screaming in the Cloud – we are big fans of Corey Quinn, and all his Amazon AWS content, including the AWS Morning Brief podcast.
  13. VMware Communities Roundtable

Between all these podcasts, there’s a tonne of content for everyone. No matter if you are looking for the news, guides, stories, or analytics. They cover everything from very generic technology and business issues, to the very specific topics of main cloud providers.