AlleoTech Ltd spins off AlleoChain Ltd

AlleoTech Ltd spins off AlleoChain Ltd

AlleoTech Ltd is a young, but very fast growing IT infrastructure and consulting company. From the first day we also had a very particular interest in the Blockchain technology. But trying to focus on too many things at once leads to distractions, delays, and general confusion. That is why we’ve decided to separate our Blockchain software development interests into a separate company. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome AlleoChain Ltd!

AlleoChain Ltd is the new software development company, founded in February of 2020, which will focus on the Blockchain technology. There is already a detailed roadmap for this year, and an overview of goals and milestones for the next few years.

AlleoChain Ltd and Alleotech Ltd will combine the forces where it makes sense, but at the same time will maintain a certain level of separation. Stay tuned for updates on what’s happening with each.

AlleoTech Ltd will continue its operations as they were, with a broader focus on IT consulting and IT infrastructure.


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