AlleoTech attends Data-Driven Meetup

AlleoTech attends Data-Driven Meetup

Yesterday we’ve attended the Data-Driven Meetup, organized by the awesome people of Exness. This was of the many meetups with a few speakers from Russia, drinks, snacks and plenty of networking.

Most of the speakers were from Skyeng – an online school for Russians who want to learn the English language. It was interesting to see the different perspectives and approaches from within the same company. After all, dealing with on-boarding and retention of clients, managing teachers and courses, and optimizing the learning path with mobile apps, video conferencing and other channels provide a wide range of challenges.

We found the presentation on Markov chains application particularly insightful. The theoretical basis of Markov chains is over a hundred years old. They’ve been used in different areas of information and computation technology through the years – from antiviruses to Google’s famous PageRank algorithm. But it’s still a rare occasion to see Markov chains in the wild, much so for the “quick and easy” solution within a company.

It was great to learn that there are some tools and libraries that help utilizing Markov chains in different parts of machine learning and data-driven visualization. Hopefully, the presentation slides will be published soon, so that we could follow up on the many links, references, and examples.

Once again, a huge thank you goes to Exness for organizing these meetups, inviting amazing speakers, and providing the place and time to meet new people and re-connect with old acquaintances. Keep up the great job, guys and gals!


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