Learning new tech at Golang Meetup

Learning new tech at Golang Meetup

Yesterday we’ve attended the Golang Meetup, hosted by Wisebits at Crown Plaza, Limassol. Go is not the language that we’ve worked with much yet, but we are always looking to learn something new, and we’ve heard a lot of positive things about it.

Here are some of the quick notes from the event:

  • The event itself was much larger than we expected. There were somewhere around 100 people there, with about 3 to 1 distribution of men to women. Judging by the conversations and questions, the community is very active and knowledgeable.
  • There were some excellent speakers from abroad.
  • Go, they say, is a very easy language to get into. So, if you are hiring, there is no need to look specifically for Go developers, as pretty much any engineer can pick it up quickly within a few weeks.
  • Go looks great for DevOps. Deploying a single, statically compiled binary, is a lot simpler than a multitude of source files with dependencies and binaries.
  • Go is nicely multi-threaded, so it utilizes multi-core CPUs better than many other languages.
  • Time series databases are much more challenging than they seem. We need to learn more about them. Thanks to VictoriaMetrics team for insights.

Overall, it was an excellent event, which provided a starting point for us to jump into Go and learn more. There’s a good chance we’ll start using it for small tasks to get more hands on experience with it.


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