Amazon AWS – scaling up to your first 10 million users

Amazon AWS – scaling up to your first 10 million users

It is not a secret, that Amazon AWS is a large and complex platform. It currently provides 180 services in 23 categories. These make it difficult to figure out which services your cloud infrastructure needs, at which level, and how to configure, connect, and maintain them. Such complexity often yields a steep learning curve and the lack of confidence for those who consider the move to the cloud.

We are very familiar with this attitude. We acknowledge this complexity when we talk to businesses who are interested in our cloud computing expertise. But we also turn it around into the strength of the Amazon AWS platform. The strength comes from an ever-growing, fully featured, scalable and reliable vendor. We are absolutely sure that it is well worth investing in the Amazon AWS, both time- and money-wise. It is here to stay. And it provides great solutions for anything from a single page website for a single user, to a complex range of applications that have to be highly available, geographically distributed, and accessible by millions of users.

We find the slides from the “Scaling up to your first 10 million users” presentation particularly useful in illustrating the scalability of the Amazon AWS.

This presentation has made its way into several events organized by Amazon. There are multiple iterations of it over the years (you can find the videos of the talk on YouTube). And while there are minor changes from year to year, the bulk of it remains the same.

The slides clearly show that there are different levels of complexity. As you scale up from the simplest scenarios, the complexity increases, but only as much as necessary. There are very simple ways of utilizing Amazon AWS platform, even today, with just a few clicks. But the slides also demonstrate that Amazon AWS has got you covered, no matter how high and wide you want to go.


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