Blockchain is the new black. It’s a hot subject which is all over the news now. But like with many new technologies, it is still confusing, and it means many different things to different people and businesses.

So what is blockchain for us?

Blockchain is distributed

Blockchain is a distributed technology. It is by far not the first one. We’ve seen many others. Internet and World Wide Web (www), BitTorrent and Git are just some examples of the distributed computing technologies with no central control or single point of failure.

Distributed systems tend to be more complex than centralized ones, but they are often much more efficient and resilient.

Blockchain is a ledger

There are many types and applications of ledgers. Blockchain builds upon and expands the functionality of ledgers. This makes blockchain particularly useful in a variety of financial applications.

Blockchain is storage

Blockchain is a storage technology as well. Much like files and relational databases, blockchain can be used for storing, retrieving, and analyzing data. Combined with its distributed and ledger functionality, this opens up new and exciting opportunities for data-centric applications.

What do we do?

As any new technology, blockchain carries a variety of challenges. We help individuals and businesses to overcome these.

After being involved with a variety of projects big and small, we have in-house expertise on blockchain. We can help you understand this new technology, as well as ways to apply it and benefit from it. We can help you pick the right tools and processes to smooth your transition. We can undertake some or all of the technical implementations. We can guide and support you and your business.

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