How a Managed Service Provider Can Support Remote Work Requirements

How a Managed Service Provider Can Support Remote Work Requirements

COVID-19 forced many companies to abruptly transition their employees to remote work. However, very few were prepared to support the different needs of a remote workforce, and many employees lacked the tools they needed to stay connected.

With the help of a managed service provider, companies can provide all of their employees with the support they need to successfully work remotely. They have the expertise and resources to help your team transition to remote work and keep up productivity. Here are four ways an MSP can assist your company with remote work support.

1.      Cloud Support and Services

Having a cloud network is essential for remote work. Cloud systems are accessible anywhere, at any time, and on any device. Employees can easily access the network from wherever they are.

MSPs provide guidance on selecting, implementing, and configuring cloud applications and services. With their help, your company can fully utilize cloud technology.

2.      Collaboration Solutions

Though they are working remotely, your team will still need to connect and communicate with colleagues and customers. Team collaboration tools allow them to do that, but they can be difficult to figure out for some.

An MSP can help your employees install and configure the hardware and software they need for collaboration solutions. They will assist with the installation of webcams, microphones, and speakers, along with the collaboration or conferencing software itself.

3.      Redundant IT Support

MSPs staff multiple IT engineers, and though they often assign a specific one to each client, more support is available if it is needed. You will always have access to other engineers, so no matter what, your IT issues can be addressed.

4.      Security

One of the most important services MSPs can provide is assistance with security measures. Firewalls and virtual private networks are two key tools for maintaining security while employees work remotely. However, many employees may not be familiar with either of these tools. Even if they are, to ensure that everyone is up to the same security standards, MSPs can help your team install and configure security measures.

Final Thoughts

With the help of a managed service provider, having a productive remote workforce becomes a much more achievable goal. There are many complications to establishing and supporting remote workers, but MSPs make it simple. Regardless of how long the need for remote work is there, your team will be able to perform effectively and efficiently with the assistance of an MSP.

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