Everything You Need to Know About Infrastructure-As-A-Service

Everything You Need to Know About Infrastructure-As-A-Service

You may have heard the term Infrastructure-as-a-Service tossed around a lot lately. But what exactly does it mean, and how can you benefit from it?

What is IaaS?

Infrastructure-as-a-Service moves the complexity of IT infrastructure to the cloud, where a third-party provider manages it. The entire IT operation is cloud-based, from the software and servers to the networks and storage. Essentially, when you use IaaS, you’re putting almost all of your IT infrastructure in the hands of a cloud provider, who manages and maintains it for you.

There are three key components to IaaS: the servers, the network, and storage. IaaS almost always involves hosted software, though that may not include any in-house software you develop and host.


The cloud provider must maintain their servers and keep them running at their full capacity. They perform updates, manage the servers, and maintain endpoint security.

The Network

IaaS cloud servers allow your network to expand and change to fit your company’s needs. The provider handles all of the network security features, management, and maintenance so you can focus on your business operations.


Similar to your network, IaaS storage is elastic, expanding and contracting as needed. When your company needs more space, it’ll grow to meet it, and it’ll shrink when you don’t.

It’s important to remember that IaaS doesn’t eliminate all of the in-house IT work. It alleviates the burden of IT management and maintenance by placing your infrastructure into the cloud, but you are still responsible for some aspects.

How can it help me?

There are many benefits to IaaS. Primarily, it reduces the complexity of your IT infrastructure and hands off the burden of management to a third party. Cloud hosting is incredibly complicated. It’s much easier to pass it off to a provider for management and maintenance. That way, your team can focus on your internal operations rather than menial upkeep tasks.

You’ll also see continual security on your servers, networks, and storage archives. Providers are responsible for ensuring that their clients’ infrastructures are safe from accidental and malicious harm. It’s their job to keep your system up and running smoothly.

Final Thoughts

Infrastructure-as-a-Service is a great way to reduce the complexity of your IT infrastructure. If you’re interested in implementing IaaS at your organization, contact IaaS providers to see how their services can support your business.

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