The Benefits of an AWS Audit

The Benefits of an AWS Audit

Amazon Web Services has over a million active users. Major organizations, including government departments and multi-million dollar businesses, are utilizing their services. While these organizations have seen the many benefits of AWS, it is not perfect. Issues can still arise in AWS accounts.

If your organization is one of those million, but you feel you are losing control of your AWS account, then allow AlleoTech to perform an audit on your account. An AWS account audit will give you a comprehensive and actionable report that you can use to ensure you are receiving the highest level of service from AWS. Here are some of the reasons why you should audit your AWS account.

1.    Ensure Compliance

Some industries require organizations to comply with security and operational standards. If you are in one of these fields, performing an audit will let you know if you are fulfilling those requirements. There can be serious repercussions for organizations that do not comply with their industry standards.

Additionally, an audit will allow you to ensure that you are compliant with your own organization’s standards. Without knowing how your AWS services are performing, you cannot be sure that you are following the regulations that apply to you.

2.    Troubleshoot Issues

You can discover and troubleshoot security and operational issues with an audit. It will show you a history of the changes in your account to see where the problems are coming from. Users will have a better experience, and you can be sure that your account will function properly.

3.    Perform a Security Analysis

You must audit your security regularly. Part of ensuring your system is secure is keeping an eye out for issues or gaps in your security.

Amazon also recommends performing a security audit after changes in your system. For example, if you add or remove software, you should perform a security audit afterward.

4.    Create a Solutions Roadmap

When you understand where issues are coming from in your system, you can begin to address them. An audit allows you to create a solutions roadmap to solve user problems and continue getting the most out of your AWS account.

Final Thoughts

While AWS has many benefits, if you do not ensure that it is performing at its highest level, your organization’s needs will not be met. Get the most out of your AWS account by regularly auditing your account and its performance.

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