What Are Managed IT Services?

What Are Managed IT Services?

When looking for IT solutions, you might come across the phrase ‘managed service provider.’ MSPs are IT management services provided by third-party contractors. Companies shift the burden of IT responsibility to the MSP, giving them time to focus on their clients and growth. With a managed IT service, you will not have to worry about maintaining IT services and equipment, but you will still have the reliability of good infrastructure. Here is some basic information about MSPs to consider if you are looking to begin using one.

Where did they come from?

In the 1990s, application service providers began offering remote application services. Over the years, this industry evolved into managed service providers. Now, however, there is a much wider variety of services.

The basis of MSPs is remote monitoring and management of servers, desktops, and mobile devices. This service is the foundation of the industry. Beyond that, many MSPs have begun branching out their services to differentiate themselves from the competition.

What services do they offer?

Some MSPs offer managed security services, as well. Security is a major concern for every organization, and by providing a specialized service like that, companies can fulfill more of their customers’ needs. Additionally, some service providers partner with cybersecurity vendors.

Other MSPs have begun specializing in cloud services. As the cloud becomes more and more popular as a base for networks, focusing on cloud environments helps MSPs stand out from the competition.

Some service providers have also begun working in the communications field. They allow their customers to improve their communications on top of the IT services they provide.

How does pricing work?

Managed service providers bill their customers a consistent amount monthly. One of the advantages of an MSP is the regular pricing, though it might be calculated differently depending on its services. Some MSPs charge per device, some per user, and others have all-inclusive pricing. However, your bill is calculated, the nature of an MSP means that the cost will reliably stay the same from month to month.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have a basic understanding of managed IT service providers, you can shop for the best MSP for your company. MSPs can relieve you of the burden of IT management and maintenance so that you can focus on your company and clients.

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