Amazon AWS regions

Everybody who has even briefly glanced at the Amazon AWS products and services page, knows that there are plenty of them. But how many exactly?

A while back we did the count and came up with 180 products and services in 23 different categories. This gives an idea, but there are a couple of issues with the precision. Firstly, Amazon AWS grows at a staggering rate and such numbers get obsolete pretty fast. Secondly, there is more than one source of truth for the exact number.

This blog post does an excellent job exploring not one, but five (!) different sources for the list of the Amazon AWS products and services. Read it in full for all the details, or consider the following summary:

The AWS Console158
AWS Cloud Products website198
AWS Tools for PowerShell203
AWS IAM Console210

Overall, about 200 products and services right now. But this will surely continue to grow.