AlleoTech visits High Tech Developed in Cyprus

AlleoTech visits High Tech Developed in Cyprus

Today we have visited the High Tech Developed in Cyprus expo. This is one of the largest technology events in the country with over 50 companies participating and showcasing their products and services.

We’ve circled around the booths, which featured a great variety of offerings. The range of products and services was truly staggering – anything from recruitment and web design to 3d printing and robotics. Some of the things that we found interesting were:

  • 3d printers are really affordable these days. A model that can print 40x40x45 cm is a mere 450 EUR. And cartridges are cheap too.
  • CloudLayer8. There’s now a full blown data center in Limassol, Cyprus, which offers dedicated hosting and collocation.
  • Our friends from Cocoon Creations had a booth too. It’s always good to catch up!
  • Judging by the number of HR and recruitment companies present, there seems to be a giant gap between supply and demand for highly skilled IT professionals.

We have also listened to a few talks. The subjects varied from Cyprus as a technology and investment hub, to DevOps culture in large enterprises. Once again, the breadth of topics is quite impressive. We particularly enjoyed the fast, 20-minute long talks, which managed to cover a lot of ground in a very brief period of time.

Overall, we think that there should be more events like this. They bring people together, help nurture new relationships, and increase awareness and impact of technology on everybody’s lives and businesses.


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