AlleoTech attends DisruptionTalks 2.0

AlleoTech attends DisruptionTalks 2.0

Yesterday we have attended the DisruptionTalks 2.0 event, which took place at CUTing Edge innovation center of the Cyprus University of Technology. DisruptionTalks is a series of meetups, bringing together entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts.

This time around, there were two speakers with a 30-minutes or so Q&A session each.

First, Shahar Burg, an Israeli entrepreneur shared her inspiring story, passion, and vibrant energy. She went from a software developer in the military, to experience-gathering quality assurance engineer, to the startup founder and product manager of the company that has been acquired by Wix.

Second, Angelos Gregoriou, the CEO of Dynamic Works, shared his path to technology, as well as both hardships and benefits of building a technology company in Cyprus.

Much like with any technical event, there was a corner where attendees could play around with some of the latest and greatest gadgets, including the virtual reality headset from Oculus.

Networking, drinks, and general chatter followed the Q&A sessions and gradually spilled into the streets of the Limassol old town.

For those of you who missed this event, we’ve been live-tweeting some of the thoughts, ideas, and comments over at our Twitter account. Check it out and make sure to attend the next event! We definitely need more of such meetups to help people and business promote technology, innovation, and the spirit of entrepreneurship.

See you there next time!

P.S.: Huge thanks to organizers, speakers, and attendees for making this event happen.


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