AlleoTech attends Cyber Security Meetup

AlleoTech attends Cyber Security Meetup

Cyber security is a complex and sensitive subject that keeps a many people awake at night. Our lives are increasingly more and more dependent on the computer systems, which, in turn, get more and more complicated, making it more and more difficult to secure them.

There are numerous examples of security breaches, data leaks, service disruptions and identity theft worldwide, affecting both businesses and individuals.

That is why we at AlleoTech are constantly on the lookout for more information, tips, tricks, and suggestions on how to improve our own security, as well as that of our clients.

Today we have attended Cyber Security Meetup, where have learned a lot on the subject, both from the speakers and the attendees. Cyber Security Meetup is one of the many meetup events organized by the good people of Exness. The event took place at the rooftop of the Exness office, with an absolutely stanning 360 degree view of the seaside Limassol.

There were three presentations (all in Russian) on the following subjects:

  1. AppSec. What you need to know about security automation.
  2. Fuzzing APIs and applications. Automate security testing.
  3. Information security management. ISMS frameworks and risk-based approach.

Each one of these provided plenty of useful information on how to improve security, recommended a variety of tools and processes, and illustrated different scenarios with vivid examples.

While the new knowledge will definitely help us to improve, it has also destroyed all the chances of the little sleep we were having already. Some of the techniques and examples were so stunning in their effectiveness, simplicity and out-of-the-box thinking, that we’ll need some time to recover from the shocking realization of how hopelessly insecure many systems are around us.

Gladly, we could share our concerns and worries with the attendees and speakers, while networking. Free drinks and snacks did help too.

We would like to thank Exness for organizing the event, speakers for the valueable information, and the attendees for the moral and technical support. We will make sure to attend all the upcoming meetups as well.

P.S.: Exness were also kind enough to share the slides and photos from the event.


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